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The service to use to shorten the URL.

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URL Shortener

We are happy to introduce our new URL Shortener service.

  • Free for everyone
  • No registration needed
  • About twenty existing providers, more coming
  • Our own Late Tea shortener is included

Free subdomain redirection

  • Free URL redirection,,,
  • Plenty of short and nice subdomains available
  • Matching email redirection (i.e - *
  • Search engine friendly
  • URL cloacking
  • Path forwarding
  • Subdomain forwarding
  • Stats and counter coming soon

* Due to ever growing amount of spam and resources needed to cope with it, this service has been cancelled for new members effectively from 01/01/2011. The email redirection for existing accounts is going to be discontinued on April 1st 2011. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.